A b o u t U s

JAK Cellar Group Holdings Limited are a whisky cask trading company. We specialise in providing Scotch whisky casks at favorable prices and we are equally as interested in buying casks at fair prices, so if you have casks for sale please do not hesitate to send us an email.

The value of whisky casks are known to appreciate over time, proving for them to be sound investments. Buyers can be confident in the marketplace that we trade in as we boast fantastic and trustworthy relationships with our counterparts in Scotland and all casks that we deal with are kept in HMRC bonded warehouses. We will make investments nice and simple by taking care of all the paperwork and legal actions needed to transfer the ownership of each cask in and out of your name. When the time comes for you to sell your investment, we will use our global marketplace to help you move your cask on for the best price possible.


A b o u t J A K C e l l a r G r o u p H o l d i n g s L t d

However, you may want to cash in on your investment in the form of bottling the cask with your own uniquely designed label. Bottling your single cask whisky has many benefits in that the taste of your whisky is unique to its own. No other cask in the world will taste exactly like yours, which makes each bottle from the cask very special. This provides each cask with a unique selling point or it can make a great gift for special friends or clients. Nevertheless, we are highly experienced in this process from the bottle design, label design, all the way down to shipping the bottles back to Hong Kong/China so you can bottle your cask with confidence.